Bootable DOS image BIOS upgrade

I was struggling with BIOS upgrades for our new Dell servers, as there were no bootable ISO for BIOS upgrades.
After searching for DOS bootable ISO media I have found FreeDOS project. Unfortunately FreeDOS 1.1 LiveCD image is not available on

After modifying standard fd11src.iso image I finally achieved what I needed.

To add your own files to the iso, just use trial version of Magic ISO Maker (300MB maximum), or some similar program.
Just put your custom files in FREEDOS folder and after booting you will be able to run them in DOS environment.

After boot process is complete run dir command to see what files are in current directory.


On the following picture you can see that Dell BIOS update utility – M620-0~0.EXE is present in the directory.

The only thing left is to execute it:

E:\FREEDOS> M620-0~0.EXE

This Bootable DOS ISO was tested on HP, DELL, Supermicro iKVMs and on VmWare.


13 thoughts on “Bootable DOS image BIOS upgrade

  1. Thanks for providing this download, it REALLY saved my bacon. For some reason the latest freedoms only allows an install from disk option. I used this to update a RAID controller firmware and it worked great. Thanks again!

  2. большинство утилит идут на английском если в школе не заставили учить щяс бы смотрел на английский как баран на новые ворота 🙂

  3. Hello can i edit this bootable iso so i can add bios update files,but without corrupting iso itself.Sorry if my english is bad i hope you understood me.

  4. Is there a way to point to a batch file instead of going to e:\Freedos? I want it to go to the dos environment and then run a bios update script automatically.

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