Latest HP ILO firmwares

Here you can download the most recent HP iLO (Integrated Lights-Out) firmware files I could find on the HP’s website :

*UPDATED* 2024-05-03

ILO1 : ilo196.bin (30-Apr-2014)
ILO2 : ilo2_233.bin (30-Mar-2018)
ILO3 : ilo3_194.bin (iLO3 v 1.94.2 06-Dec-2020)
ILO4 : ilo4_282.bin (iLO4 v 2.82.5 06-Feb-2023)
ILO5 : ilo5_304.bin (19-Apr-2024)
ILO6 : ilo6_158.bin (27-Mar-2024)

i got “Notice of Copyright Infringement” from HP for hosting binary firmwares on my website, so I was forced to delete them, I will try to keep links to HP website in working order.

To extract .bin files from these links unpack them:

on Linux:
$ chmod +x CP022551.scexe
$ ./CP022551.scexe –unpack=/tmp/iLO3
$ ls -l /tmp/iLO3

on Windows use 7-zip:


Old versions:






ilo5_143.bin *Linux RPM*
ilo5_143.bin *Windows exe*
ilo5_145.bin *Linux RPM*
ilo5_145.bin *Windows exe*
ilo5_146.bin *Linux RPM*
ilo5_146.bin *Windows exe*
ilo5_210.bin *Linux RPM*
ilo5_210.bin *Windows exe*
ilo5_214.bin *Linux RPM*
ilo5_214.bin *Windows exe*
ilo5_215.bin *Linux RPM*
ilo5_215.bin *Windows exe*
ilo5_216.bin *Linux RPM*
ilo5_216.bin *Windows exe*
ilo5_218.bin *Linux RPM*
ilo5_218.bin *Windows exe*
ilo5_230.bin *Linux RPM*
ilo5_230.bin *Windows exe*
ilo5_231.bin *Linux RPM*
ilo5_231.bin *Windows exe*
ilo5_233.bin *Linux RPM*
ilo5_233.bin *Windows exe*
ilo5_235.bin *Linux RPM*
ilo5_235.bin *Windows exe*
ilo5_241.bin *Linux RPM*
ilo5_241.bin *Windows exe*
ilo5_244.bin *Linux RPM*
ilo5_244.bin *Windows exe*
ilo5_246.bin *Windows exe*
ilo5_248.bin *Linux RPM*
ilo5_248.bin *Windows exe*
ilo5_255.bin *Linux RPM*
ilo5_255.bin *Windows exe*
ilo5_260.bin *Linux RPM*
ilo5_260.bin *Windows exe*
ilo5_260.bin *Linux RPM*
ilo5_260.bin *Windows exe*
ilo5_263.bin *Linux RPM*
ilo5_263.bin *Windows exe*
ilo5_265.bin *Linux RPM*
ilo5_265.bin *Windows exe*
ilo5_271.bin *Linux RPM*
ilo5_271.bin *Windows exe*


553 thoughts on “Latest HP ILO firmwares

  1. Thanks so much, this is a very useful resource. Everybody who like me has to search HP for firmware, then try to figure out how to extract relevant files from iso-scexe-whatsoever strange archives, will agree 😉 I hope this effort will continue. Thanks again, Paul

    • Double-check it, you’ll find the files are the same… but your input made me suspicious, and I can’t find v1.95 for iLO1 on HP site… 😉

  2. Great site, and more useful than HP’s for drivers, any
    one got any updates on ilo2 firmware for resolving the Heartbleed crash issue?

    • Try flipping the options around

      load /map1/firmware1 -source

      ran into a issue that the blade needed to be fully power cycled before doing the firmware update.
      — CUT —
      Invalid property value.
      — CUT —

      from the OA unit

      OA-xxxxx> reset server 16

      Successfully reset the E-Fuse for device bay 16.

      (waited for the unit 2 power cycle and then did the ilo upgrade)

  3. Thanks!
    HP’s web is a … xxxxx
    This made my ILO2 upgrade more convenient (though I had to usae Putty to do it!)

  4. Thanks for this.

    It seems that iLO4_2.20 has been withdrawn by HP, to be replaced by iLO4_2.22 (not released yet). At current HP’s recommended version is iLO4_2.10.

  5. Thank you for your effort.

    There are new releases available since October 1st:

    ilo2 – 2.27
    ilo3 – 1.85 (not changed)
    ilo4 – 2.30

  6. Thank you very much indeed! I had spent about an hour on official HP website but have not managed to find iLo 4 firmware BIN file

  7. Thanks you Thank you Thank you
    HP website is painful, I have was digging for hours and non of the firmwere I downloaded from HP website is not working


  8. ILO 4 version 2.44 is out according to HPE’s alerts but 7-zip tells me it won’t open the scexe file. Why can’t HP just provide a bin file?? So annoying.

  9. I downloaded the Windows Server 2012 R2 version and extracted the bin file from the cp30136.exe file. Now I have an ilo4_244.bin file that I can install.

  10. I’ve literally been using this page as a sysadmin for about 5 years!

    The best single source of iLO .bins/info and the HP website is a complete sh*tshow to navigate at the best of times.

    Bravo sir, keep up the good work.

  11. This is a great resource; HPE is absolutely making it more and more difficult to be their customer with failing web site; failing Intelligent Provisioning firmware updates and failing ftp site. Thank you for putting this together!

  12. Also an ILO4 2.54 is out. Please be aware that this version does a callback with HPE to check your ILO advanced key. If you ‘borrowed’ your key from somewhere else, your key might be stripped and the ilo will be reset to factory defaults. All ILO usernames will be removed and the Administrator account will be reset to its defaults too.

  13. Hello, would anyone happen to know when ilo 4 – 2.55 is out ? Apparently it fixes a lot of issues with blades being managed in OneView 3.x Thanks

  14. hello o want to update ilo3 on dl380 g7 to the latest version but because my ilo version is 1.15 i cant do it . i understand that i need to install 1.20 first and then the latest one . but nowhere even here i couldnt find ilo 3 1.20 . can you please help me ?

  15. Hi. I get an error when I try to update our iLO 4 from version 1.22 to 2.55 : ”
    The last firmware update attempt was not successful. Ready for the next update.

    Do you think I need to do an intermediate update before 2.55?
    thank you,

  16. Thank you very much! The old HP site was bad, but the new one, and newer new one (HPE Support Center or whatever they call it now). It is almost impossible to find anything in there, no matter how much you pay them…

  17. Super COOL.Thank you very much for the firmwares!!!! It worked like charm.I was a little concerned because i have a ilo2 on a proliant dl380 g5 and not g6 but worked perfect with the latest version(2.30)!Now ilo2 works very well on Windows 10 with the ie plugin installed.Thumbs UP!

  18. You are a Legend.

    I have every type of iLO in my organisation and was so far behind on many of them.

    No I am nearly up to date on all of them

  19. Many thanks, this is the only internet place where I can found ILO 2 latest firmware.
    They are disappeared from hp site, I think they must write less infringement coiright letters and better organize their downloads!

  20. Hi, thanks so much for the files!

    I have a proliant mp10v2. I tried the latest file from ilo4 and ilo5, but after extracting using 7zip, the error says

    ML10 v2 is gen 5, but all the updates fail. Is there a specific one i should update first do you know?

    Thanks again for the page! So much easier than HPE.

    Server Name
    Product Name ProLiant ML10 v2
    Server Serial Number
    Product ID
    System ROM J10 02/02/2015
    System ROM Date 02/02/2015
    Backup System ROM J10 02/02/2015
    Integrated Remote Console .NET Java
    License Type iLO 4 Standard
    iLO Firmware Version 2.30 Aug 19 2015
    IP Address
    iLO Hostname

  21. WOW! I can’t even begin to thank you enough for making this information available. What the hell is wrong with HPE that they make the iLO firmware updates so impossible to find? I wasted half of my morning until I found your page. Thank you a thousand times over!

  22. thanks for all the latest firmwares, keep up the good work!
    but having a strange issue with ilo3 1.89
    uploads fine and flashes fine, but when run the web applet after downloaded,
    im getting an error saying
    Ignored exception: ExitException[ 3] Unable to load resource:

    • yes same here…..

      Also be aware that they have the capability to lock out the firmware, & keys with an update so be careful.
      seems the file is totally missing

  23. Cheers mate..
    This is an excellent ILO resource page..
    If only HP could consolidate the ILO firmware into a single page and efficiently deliver the goods like you have done here they MAY have a complaint..
    But HP can’t do what you have done..

    Thank you

  24. OH sorry another thought..
    If you could house the Windows .exe versions of the firmware it would be very handy, not essential but handy

  25. Hey,
    Thanks for the collection, it’s life saving to have site like that.
    Question: In my environment mostly have iLO2, if I update firmware via Ilo webpage, the server require reboot or only the ilo will reboot ? The servers are production and up 24/7. they can be update without having to restart the whole server (on the fly) ?

  26. Thanks for the useful downloads . Its very helpful. Can you guide us for Active onboard Administrator upgrade firmware .I am not able to find firmware packages for this .

  27. Hello,
    Thanks for the files..
    I’m using iLO 2 and v2.33 says that
    If the host operating system is Microsoft Windows:
    – The “HP ProLiant Support Pack for Microsoft Windows Server”: version 9.10 or later
    – The “HP ProLiant iLO 2 Management Controller Driver for Windows”: version or later
    NOTE: The “HP ProLiant iLO 2 Management Controller Driver for Windows” is included in the “HP ProLiant Support Pack for Microsoft Windows Server”
    When can I get “HP ProLiant Support Pack for Microsoft Windows Server” ..version 9.10 or later?
    Currently have – iLO 2 v2.27, HP ProLiant iLO 2 Management Controller Driver for Windows Server 2012 v1.15, HP Insight Management Agents for Windows Server x64 Editions v10.20.0.0
    Have an out of warranty ML350 G6..

  28. Today new v3 iLO file was named cp037907.exe, in your link it was cp037906.exe, now it’s cp037908.exe and no download again. They are fixing something rapidly…

    • Привет! Current link is working ~50% of the time, if you get 404 just try again. I will update this link in a few days when this madness stops.

  29. Another huge thank you for maintaining these links. The HP ‘support’ website is a horrible maze of twisty links, all alike, and I think I saw a grue around the search button…

  30. How can I upgrade the firmware if the server does not boot? Stops at error 270 and will not let go.
    F10 does not appear.


  31. Finding this page was a massive time saver for me… Clicking through the HP website to find the right firmware seemed almost impossible, and then I found this page.
    Amazing, thank you!

  32. Hello, I need this fil for HP Prolaint dl580 gen 9 – firmware-system-u17-2.70_2018_12_29-1.1.i386.rpm (5.6 MB)
    where can I find one firmware. Now I have a version 2,30 its making me crazy.

    thank you

  33. is it save from iLO 4 Firmware version 1.32 to upgrade for 2.62 ?

    or it must be upgrade for example version 2.1 first or what?

    then is it OS on the server must be restart when flashing iLO upgrade ? because it is production server i scared if something gone wrong .

    please help me, thanks

  34. OMG!! Thank you so much! I lost several hours in trying to find iLO2 fw for an old HP server!

    You’re a life saver!

  35. FYI: the Linux, Windows, and OS Independent firmware package pages for iLO 5 version 1.43 (31 May 2019) are up on the HPE Support Center web site, *however* the download links for each do not appear to be “live” yet (they all return a 404, at least in my neck of the woods):

    – Linux:

    – Windows:

    – OS Independent:

  36. FYI: the Linux, Windows, and OS Independent firmware package pages for iLO 5 version 1.45 (3 Jul 2019) are up on the HPE Support Center web site, *and* the download links for each are active (at least for me):

    – Linux:

    – Windows:

    – OS Independent:

  37. ILO2 2.33 doesn’t work with the c7000 OA with KVM firmware 4.xx. It gives error 0x4 when attempting to connect with the local KVM console. 2.32 works fine.

    Tested with OA firmware 4.23 and 4.90 and BL460c G1, BL260 G5 and BL460 G6 blades using the latest blade firmware.

  38. FYI: the Linux, Windows, and OS Independent firmware package pages for iLO 5 version 1.46 (16 Aul 2019) are up on the HPE Support Center web site, *and* the download links for each are active (at least for me):

    – Linux:

    – Windows:

    – OS Independent:

    • I agree. The HPE site is probably the most difficult site to find anything on that I’ve ever encountered – no apparent logic to anything, links often change, files vanish, and all those meaningless, cryptic filenames! I hate it!

  39. Much appreciated for these firmware updates! Made updating my server so much easier, since I had bought it from a seller online, it didn’t come with a warranty or any of the licenses. Now, hopefully my fans can stop running at 94% and hopefully go down to about 10-20%.

  40. Anyone else getting the following error while updating iLO5 to 2.10?
    “The last attempt to update or upload firmware was not successful. Make sure you are using a valid, signed flash file and try again.”

  41. ILO4 : ilo4_273.bin (iLO4 v 2.73.2 11-Feb-2020)
    Redirects to: CP042663.scexe while the latest ilo4_273.bin is CP042664

    Am I mistaken, or is this newer or different?

  42. FYI: the Linux, Windows, and OS Independent firmware releases for iLO 5 version 2.15 (29 Apr 2020) are up on the HPE Support Center web site:

    – Linux:

    – Windows:

    – OS Independent:

    • Are you sure you have a Gen9? From the specs, the Gen9 doesn’t use an iLO, it uses some kind of Intel chipset management solution.

      – ProLiant ML10 Gen9 Server specs:

      >> On System Management Chipset

      >> Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT 11.0)

      >> NOTE: The server supports the Intel Standard Manageability when the Intel Pentium or Core i3 processor is installed. The server supports Intel AMT when the Intel Xeon processor is installed in the system

      If you’ve got just the ProLiant ML10, then it has an iLO3 according to the specs.

      – ProLiant ML10 Server specs:

      If you’ve got the ProLiant ML10 v2, the specs say it has an iLO4:

      – ProLiant ML10 v2 Server specs:

      If you’ve got the ProLiant ML10 Server with an iLO3, there wouldn’t seem to be an upgrade path to a v2 (that has the iLO4) without a complete system swap, at least as far as I can tell…

  43. Still pointing straight out to the firmwares you need. Still beating the HPE search bar…
    thnx! Safes a lot of time, finding the old FW’s.

  44. FYI: the Linux, Windows 32-bit, and Windows 64-bit firmware releases for iLO 3 version 1.92 (21 May 2020) are up on the HPE Support Center web site:

    – Linux:

    – Windows 32-bit:

    – Windows 64-bit:

  45. FYI: the Linux, Windows, and OS Independent firmware releases for iLO 5 version 2.16 (8 Jun 2020) are up on the HPE Support Center web site:

    – Linux:

    – Windows:

    – OS Independent:

  46. You don’t have to type “chmod 755”, you can do “chmod +x” to only change the executable bit. This will prevent mishaps if you fat finger like I do.

  47. FYI: Critical update (Ripple20 vulnerabilities) of iLO 5 firmware — version 2.18 (10 Jul 2020) is up on the HPE Support Center web site for Linux, Windows, and OS Independent releases:

    – Linux:

    – Windows:

    – OS Independent:

  48. FYI: Critical update (Ripple20 vulnerabilities) of iLO 4 firmware — version 2.75 (18 Aug 2020) is up on the HPE Support Center web site for Linux, Windows, and VMware ESXi releases:

    – Linux:

    – Windows:

    – 32-bit — NOTE: this one shows the version as “2.75(a)(20 Aug 2020)”

    – 64-bit

    – VMware ESXi:

    • cp045313.scexe is correct file name, in case you want to check.
      I also checked the version of the ilo4.bin file, it’s still ilo4_275.bin (13 Aug 2020)

      The Fixes sections on the website says:
      iLO 4 version 2.75(b) was released with a packaging update. The update does not affect the firmware functionality. If version 2.75 was previously deployed to target device, then it is not necessary to update to version 2.75(b)

      Potential Ripple20 vulnerabilities affecting the TCP/IP stack.

    • binary firmware files are identical in both versions:
      iLO 4 version 2.75(b) was released with a packaging update. The update does not affect the firmware functionality. If version 2.75 was previously deployed to target device, then it is not necessary to update to version 2.75(b)

  49. This email is regarding the HPE Support Case **************.

    We would like to inform you that there is a known issue with the latest ILO firmware in regards to Vcenter. Hence requesting you to kindly downgrade the ILO to one version lower.

    ILO Link : (2.19)


    Janice Leonna Pinto
    Technical Solutions Consultant
    Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    Working Days: Mon-Fri 8:00AM – 5:00PM CET
    Team PDL –
    Feedback to my manager – Nair, Nishant

    • Thank you for this information, I couldn’t find Linux firmware version on HPE website, hope it will be fixed in a more recent release.

  50. Latest on the Vmware problem in ILO 5 2.30
    “Yes, we are making a short term fix in iLO 5 v2.31 as we work through the final solution with VMware. Will update once we get iLO 5 v2.31 released.”

  51. Please make it clear at the top of the page that these images are for the HP ProLiant ILO series only. HP Integrity servers also have ILO and ILO2, but the Integrity ILO images are incompatible with the ProLiant ILO images. Otherwise a great page of ILO image links!

  52. Good night, I have an ML150 Gen9 with an expired warranty contract and I need to update the BIOS, mine is version 2.60 (P95) does anyone have above it to update? I need to install windows server 2016 or 2019.

  53. is there any way to possibly enhance this list further by keeping up two more columns for the actual iLOx ‘Version’ & ‘Release Date’ ?

  54. Current ILO5 Version is 2.42. The corresponding package is cp046458 which is currently only included in SPP 2020-10-04.

    FILE NAME: iLO5_242.bin
    TITLE: iLO 5 firmware v2.42
    BUILD DATE: April 5, 2021
    EFFECTIVE DATE: April 8, 2021

  55. Did you notice that as part of the latest SPP for Gen10 a version 2.42 of the firmware for iLO 5 is included (cp046458.exe)?
    The only way I can find to download the file is by downloading the SPP.

  56. Hi,

    This version ‘ilo3_193.bin’ is also compatible with VMWARE (ESXi) 6.5 Operating System or only Linux ?

    Thank you for your response.

  57. I was having an issue updating ILO2 from v1.20 to the latest since it would not work via the browser. Tried so many version and would not work, then I was able to do it via command line since the server was running RHEL 6. In case you’re having the same issue, here is what I did.
    # rpm -ivh hponcfg-4.6.0-0.x86_64.rpm # Installed hponcfg
    # hponcfg | grep Firmware # Check current Firmware version
    Firmware Revision = 1.20 Device type = iLO 2 Driver name = hpilo
    # chmod u+x CP035238.scexe # Update firmware file permission so it’s executable
    # sh CP035238.scexe # Start the install
    FLASH_iLO2 v1.12 for Linux (Aug 31 2009)
    Copyright 2009 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
    Firmware image: ilo2_233.bin
    Current iLO 2 firmware version 1.20; Serial number ILOUSE641NDNF

    Component XML file: CP035238.xml
    CP035238.xml reports firmware version 2.33
    This operation will update the firmware on the
    iLO 2 in this server with version 2.33.
    Continue (y/N)?y
    Current firmware is 1.20 (Jun 06 2006 15:31:37)
    Firmware image is 0x300000 bytes
    Committing to flash part…
    ******** DO NOT INTERRUPT! ********
    Flashing completed!
    Attempting to reset device.
    Waiting for iLO 2 to reboot…
    iLO 2 reboot completed.

    That’s it!

  58. Hello!! Thank you so much for all the work you have done getting and uploading the files. I wanted to know, I have a HP Proliant ML10 V2. I have searched the internet and noticed that V2 was able to update to ILO 4, but no matter what I keep getting a fail error when trying update to ILO 4. Also, I updated to 194 bin file and still can’t access my ILO 3 over all the latest browsers. I keep getting a ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH. Im hoping that HP will do another update or maybe if i can get updated to ILO 4 then I will be able to access it via the latest browsers. Anyway, thanks in advance.

    • Hi Keith, I’m able to use Internet Explorer (whatever version is there on a fully patched Win10) to connect to iLO3 on DL Gen7 servers, while all other browsers fail with same ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH error you had.
      BTW I’ve never heard of being able to do just firmware update to get to newer type of ILO (ILO2 to ILO3 or ILO3 to ILO4). I believe what they might mean was a hardware upgrade option, but tbh can’t recall seeing that either.

  59. Does anyone know something about iLO 4 V 2.78 and problem with IML “Mark as repaired” field? Now it’s greyed out always. iLO 4 V 2.77 works just fine. Quite annoying 🙁 I have to clear IML everytime instead of marking as repaired…

  60. Hi again… it never stops 🙂
    ILO 5 – 2.63 (24 January 2022)

    * Windows:
    * Linux:

    * Windows (EXE):
    * Linux (RPM):

    PS: instead of a static page, maybe it would be easier to maintain this list via a txt (or html/markdown) file hosted on GitHub/gitlab ? change request then as pull request, and maybe less work for you then (+ possibility to subscribe to the “project” to get live updates, etc.). If you’re interested, I could setup this sometime later this year…

  61. Just wanted to say thank you for this site. I visit this site at least once a quarter because its just so much faster to grab iLO binary from here.

    Thanks again and keep it up!

  62. You can always go to the HP site and check the checksum.
    I do that often with SPPs I download from … yeah, weird pages.
    Checksum matches, gtg

  63. I can’t seem to get my iLO5 2.63 .bin file to upload; always says it fails, sometimes with a verification error. I have downloaded a couple of times on different systems; just doesn’t seem to work. Do all the extracted files from the .EXE (this is from a Windows machine) need to be in the same folder as the ilo5_263.bin file? I wonder if there is anything missing or a step I am leaving out.

    Thanks in advance.

  64. Thank you, It really is a pain that HP have a habit of re-organising their sites such that they break links.
    I can usually find the firmware after several searches and the opening of several tabs, but this really makes life far easier.


  65. Thank you for this site!!! It save my it technical live more than once !!

    Thanks again and keep it up!


  66. Still doing good work after all this time. It’s impossible to find on HP crappy support website.

    Thanks man!

  67. OK, perhaps this may come handy to someone…

    We still run Gen7 blades (ProLiant BL465c G7 [half height, Linux] and ProLiant BL685c G7 [full height, MS-Win]) that use System ROM A19 and A20, respectively. I tried to update the ROM to the latest, π-day (3/14/2018), release.

    There is no SPP (Service Pack for ProLiant) any more, but the ROM component can be downloaded. The respective update files are ‘CPQA1903.46E’ and ‘CPQA2003.46E’ as extracted from ‘cp036027.exe’ and ‘cp035679.exe,’ but hose cannot be installed via iLO3. The ROMpaq for Gen7 (intructions for overcoming the ‘Drive is Write Protected: ) failed with ‘Illegal OpCode’ and a Red Screen of Death, but the ROMpaq for Gen8 just needed the two files (.46E) added to the di where another ‘.46E’ already was, and the update worked.
    Best of Luck to You!

  68. errata: ‘but those cannot,’ ‘added to the dir where’
    π-day release mitigates the Spectre vulnerability:

    >Spectre is a subset of security vulnerabilities within the class of vulnerabilities known as microarchitectural timing side-channel attacks. These affect modern microprocessors that perform branch prediction and other forms of speculation.

  69. For those of you who want to extract the firmware from the Linux rpm package, gnutar is able to extract all the files from the Linux download. macos version of tar seems to be gnutar and can also extract all the files. You can see below.

    % tar tf firmware-ilo5-2.71-1.1.x86_64.rpm

  70. Quick query. I’ve obtained a ML10 v2 server from a friend, it currently has ILO4 2.10

    Do you know if I’m able to go straight to 2.81 or have to perform intermediary upgrades too?

    Many thanks (for the software and any potential replies)

  71. Hi!
    Thanks for your constant updates. What do you think – are updates from the vendors (HPE and other) released after February dangerous for users in Russia?

  72. Hi,

    Can you get the latest spp iso image for the dl380 g9?
    Now days it getting harder to get it without a support contract.

    Many thanks in advanced

  73. Recently ran into an issue with a new client, servers iLO firmware was ancient (ilo 5 1.40) and it can’t update directly to the latest (2.78).

    luckily this site exists to get hold of 2.10 which then allowed me to jump up to the latest.

    God send and bookmark’ed

  74. Posts 317 & 318 above only have links for iLO5 2,78 for LINUX! What is the link for the Windows version for 2,78 for iLO5 ?

    Thanks in advance.

  75. Just wanted to say that not being a sys admin with any experience of server maintenance, with your post, I managed to solve the issue of my gen8 server fans going completely bonkers (it even caused 3 fans to fail)

    The update to ilo seems to have resolved this… couldn’t have done it without you… thanks

  76. You may want to link somewhere the tool released by HPE to connect to old iLOs which only support TLS 1.x and which are therefore almost impossible to get working on any modern JRE or browser.
    And for remote console, to avoid java and briwser

  77. FYI: the Linux, Windows, and OS Independent firmware package pages for iLO 5 version 3.01 (29 Jan 2024) are up on the HPE Support Center web site:

    – Linux:

    – Windows:

    – OS Independent:

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