Iptables configuration examples

As Linux systems become popular, it may be used as gateway in small networks.
This is the case when iptables – standard Linux firewall will come in handy.

You can easily set up simple NAT-ed network with few simple command lines.

Basic syntax: iptables -t *table* *command*

-L – list rules
-F – flush all rules
-A – add rule
ex: iptables -t *table* -A *chain* *rule*
-D – delete rule

For example: iptables -t *table* -D *chain* *rule number*

To make current ruleset persistent, run:

/etc/init.d/iptables save

So let’s imagine we have a simple netork (at home), with a Linux host, Internet gateway (cable modem or similar) and a PC host (running Windows for example).

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