Enable SNMP monitoring in CheckPoint

Step 1. Turning on SNMP extension
(to enable extended CP MIBS – http://www.oidview.com/mibs/2620/CHECKPOINT-MIB.html)


Configuration Options:
(2)  SNMP Extension

Press the corresponding number to access SNMP extension configuration. In our case it is – “2”.

Configuring SNMP Extension...
The SNMP daemon enables Check Point products module
to export its status to external network management tools.
Would you like to enable Check Point products SNMP daemon ? (y/n) [y] ?

Press “y” or [Enter] key to enable the SNMP extension.

Thank You...
You have changed Check Point products Configuration.
You need to restart ALL Check Point modules (performing cpstop & cpstart)
in order to activate the changes you have made.
Would you like to do it now? (y/n) [y] ?

Press “y” or [Enter] key again to apply the changes.

2. Configuring SNMP users

snmp user add authuser USER pass PASSWORD1 priv PASSWORD2
service snmpd restart

3. Adding SNMPd to automatic startup sequence

chkconfig snmpd on

Source: http://www.checkpoint.com/techsupport/downloads/docs/firewall1/r54/SNMP_Add-on_Manual.pdf