Zabbix 2 CheckPoint SNMP template

I have created Zabbix 2.x Template for monitoring CheckPoint products via SNMP.
This template utilizes custom CheckPoint MIBs that are located on SecurePlatform OS in $CPDIR/lib/snmp/

You can also download CHECKPOINT-MIB file here (from R75 version):

You need to copy this file to your Zabbix server, into directory /usr/share/snmp/mibs
To test new MIBs, run a snmpget command as follows:

SNMPv2: [code]snmpget -v2c -c -Of CHECKPOINT-MIB::svnVersion.0[/code]
SNMPv3: [code]snmpget -v3 -l authpriv -u -A -X -Of CHECKPOINT-MIB::svnVersion.0[/code]

This command should return the product version: = STRING: “R75.40”

Download links for Templates:


SNMPv2 template will try to link standard Zabbix’s Templates:”Template SNMP Device and Template SNMP Disks.

SNMPv3 template will try to link my own SNMPv3 Zabbix Templates: Template SNMPv3 Device and Template SNMPv3 Disks.

You can get these SNMPv3 templates from here

5 thoughts on “Zabbix 2 CheckPoint SNMP template

  1. Hello and THX for your guides / templates.

    I have many CP 4000 and CP 12000 Appliances with GAiA and R75.45 installed. Your own discovery rules (HA state, …) doesn’t work for me. The right discovered item appears, but not with any value. If you look for the discovered items under the specific host, zabbix says “Not supported”.
    I have tried a lot now, even build my own discovery rules, but without any luck. I think the problem is, that the CHECKPOINT-MIB uses SCALAR Objects (not MIB Tabular Objects) which OIDs ends with .0 so it is not possible for zabbix to find the right #SNMPINDEX perhaps?!? I’ve tried already to add “.0” behind the {#SNMPINDEX} in the OID field of the item.

    Do you have any idea?


    • Hi, Thanks for the feedback!

      Actually I have faced the exact same problem with Gaia and R75. I have tried to use different objects to get the correct index value, but had no success.

      I re-did the template and created static items for CheckPoint objects, I guess I will need to upload a newer version of it.

  2. Please review and fix a lot of space/tab errors in CHECKPOINT-MIB.txt, and at the end you have there some output from your internal commands:
    “[Expert@vbtfw02]# cat chkpnt.mib cd /usr/l share/snmp/
    mib2c-data mib2c.genhtml.conf
    mib2c.access_functions.conf mib2c.int_watch.conf
    mib2c.array-user.conf …”

  3. I got this error when running “snmpget -v2c -c -Of CHECKPOINT-MIB::svnVersion.0”

    Bad operator (IDENTIFIER): At line 25 in /usr/share/snmp/mibs/CHECKPOINT-MIB.txt

    can you help me?

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