Playstation 3 case mod

Here is a simple, 10$ DIY case mod for PS3 slim. It will lower PS3 temperature, make system quieter and prolong its lifespan.
It took me about an hour to complete this modification.

The only thing you need to buy is magnetic dust filter. I used 80mm round filter by DEMCiflex. You can easily find it on eBay.

To make a hole in PS3 case, over fan, I used a drill and made many holes in round pattern:

Now make the hole round and pretty:

Glue the dust filter on top of it, and you’re done!

If you want to add a LED to shed some light on your PS internals, you can solder one, as I did:


The result is this eye-candy:


3 thoughts on “Playstation 3 case mod

  1. Отверстие проще сделать специальным сверлом нужного диаметра (как на мебели делают для проводов). Называется “сверло Форстнера”. Судя во фотографии, наверное на 50 милиметров.

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