Zabbix backup script without history data

Here is simple backup script for Zabbix 2 configuration data (hosts, items, templates etc). It will not backup history/event/trend data, so backup file is relatively small.

Just replace ZBX_DB and ZBX_USER with Zabbix database name and username.

mysqldump -u ZBX_USER -p ZBX_DB \
	--ignore-table=ZBX_DB.acknowledges \
	--ignore-table=ZBX_DB.alerts \
	--ignore-table=ZBX_DB.auditlog \
	--ignore-table=ZBX_DB.auditlog_details \
	--ignore-table=ZBX_DB.escalations \ \
	--ignore-table=ZBX_DB.history \
	--ignore-table=ZBX_DB.history_log \
	--ignore-table=ZBX_DB.history_str \
	--ignore-table=ZBX_DB.history_str_sync \
	--ignore-table=ZBX_DB.history_sync \
	--ignore-table=ZBX_DB.history_text \
	--ignore-table=ZBX_DB.history_uint \
	--ignore-table=ZBX_DB.history_uint_sync \
	--ignore-table=ZBX_DB.trends \
	--ignore-table=ZBX_DB.trends_uint \
	| gzip > zbx_db.sql.gz

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